How well would BSD run on this laptop

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Sat Jun 24 18:45:00 BST 2006

I've got pcbsd 1.1 running on a 500 with 256 meg, yes it does use the swap
file and graphics are not great by todays standard but as a laptop for
picking up mail doing a bit of surfing and editing the odd doc with open
office it's useable as long as you do one job at a time. 
It really is down to the laptop hardware some of that old kit is a real pain
to get stuff working on, if it has a cd that it can boot from I suggest you
try a live distro. 


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> Hi
> I have an old laptop with a 400mhz processor, 256mb RAM and 
> 2.2 gig hard disk. Would this laptop run BSD with X and KDE 
> at a decent speed? 
> Jamie

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