How well would BSD run on this laptop

Spadge spadge at
Sat Jun 24 18:40:22 BST 2006

Jamie White wrote:
> Hi
> I have an old laptop with a 400mhz processor, 256mb RAM and 2.2 gig hard 
> disk. Would this laptop run BSD with X and KDE at a decent speed?
> Jamie

Yes, and you'll even be able to watch mpegs, although not fullscreen 
divx on it.

Last time I lost my desktop workstation, I was forced to use my server 
as a temporary replacement. That was a celeron 400. Of course, that was 
back in fbsd4.x days, so I don't know about how well it'd work on a more 
recent version.

My advice to you at this stage would be to get hold of FreeSBIE ( ) and see if it'll boot off the CD and how well 
it runs.


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