Portupgrade or Portmanager

Chris Whitehouse chris at childeric.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Jun 22 21:06:15 BST 2006

Stephen Allen wrote:
> I found some info on Google about this but for my purposes couldn't find 
> an answer.
> What are the differences, and which one is recommended?
> Is one of them being retired soon?
> What's the best/easiest way?
> Many thanks,
> Steve :)
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As a low volume desktop administrator/permanent newbie I have to add my 
2p worth. Since I discovered portmanager I haven't used anything else. 
I've seen it breeze through complex updates and broken port 
installations unattended. It's very simple to use and I've found it very 
effective. I recently upgraded a desktop machine with just under 300 
ports from before christmas 2005 to a couple of weeks ago, across the 
20060223 libtool upgrade and only had a couple of problems which were to 
do with broken ports.

Actually I'm often curious why it comes up so rarely on the lists. Is it 
because it just works and no-one has problems with it? Or is it that 
no-one uses it? Or is it quietly deprecated for some reason? And why 
isn't it mentioned as a solution in UPDATING.


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