Portupgrade won't upgrade

Spadge spadge at fromley.net
Thu Jun 22 14:53:23 BST 2006

Michael Abbott wrote:

> I ran
>     # cd \usr\ports\misc\ldconfig_compat
>     # make deinstall
>     # make install
> which ran just fine without complaint.
Try pkg_delete?

When I ran portupgrade on itself just now, it went ahead with no 
problems at all.

And by the way ... Hi there Spidey, long time no see. You should by 
waffles again some time, it's been like forever since we saw you there. :D

Is there some ruby thing that needs updating as well?

do a 'portupgrade -Fa' and see what needs doing. If ruby is on the list 
then you're going to want to do that first.


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