/etc and /usr/local/etc

Christopher Dawkins cchd at felsted.essex.sch.uk
Tue Jun 20 22:14:51 BST 2006

> As a relative FreeBSD newbie, I get confused between these two directories.

Throughout the system there are large numbers of similarly named
directories in different paths, logical when you know why but confusing at
first. Indeed, I am still getting new insights to it after ten years.

/etc is system config. It might nearly fit on a single floppy (I see one
of mine is 1.6M at present).

/usr/local/etc contains the config for everything you have installed, and
that's 836K on one server I have.

A backup of those two etc areas largely defines your system. But it helps
immensely to keep them separate and their functions distinct.

/usr/local/etc/rc.d contains the startup scripts for all your
applications, and is basically what follows /etc/rc.conf in the boot

Look at


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