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Vote me in for bacula it is simple and effective, as for tapes I have =
away from them as they really are more trouble than they are worth. Also
bearing in mind you can buy a couple of 400 GB SATA drives for less than =
cost of an autochanger and tapes installing them in a RAID 1 with =
http://www.freenas.org/ is simply just to easy.

IMHO the days of tapes are pretty much gone, bandwidth is getting =
cheaper so
off site is available for a small premium, for example I backup a =
DB from Russia each night which is 4.6GB in size, to a freeNAS solution
using 7d+52W+12M+1y and still have around 150GB to play with.

It's up to you, I love resurrecting old hardware and making it dance =
have a Pentium pro with 64MB and a 12GB quantum fireball) doing DNS, and =
much as I love saving kit from the bin backups count, so do them =
reliably as
you may actually wish to restore from them :D

Sincerely a.r.b.

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Paul Robinson wrote:
  > I have seen autoloading tape robots work with FreeBSD fine, but...
> ... I have never seen a 100% successful restore from backup. Tape =20
> always seems to crap out on the restore side of things.
> Can I suggest a cheap dedicated server with a load of bandwdith and a  =

> copy of boxbackup instead?
> http://www.fluffy.co.uk/boxbackup/

Whilst we're talking about disk-based backup, I would recommend Bacula=20
(www.bacula.org). I've had this working for about six months now on a=20
mixed Windows / *nix network and it seems to do a really good job. With=20
the aid of a few scripts, one can do bare metal recovery on both =


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