Samba woes

Spadge spadge at
Sat Jun 17 13:57:28 BST 2006

Pete French wrote:
>> So you'd need to add a bunch of samba users to /etc/passwd with 
>> '/usr/sbin/nologin' shells? Yes, annoying.
> Yup, very annoying. I try and keep usersnames consistent across the whole
> network, but then somoene from a different departments says "can I have access
> to your media files" and I end up with lines like this:
> eventmedia:*:1001:1001:Event media - Samba placeholder:/home/eventmedia:/usr/sbin/nologin
> sigh...
> -bat.
See, if you could do it by /etc/groups, it'd be a lot easier :D


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