Samba woes

Spadge spadge at
Fri Jun 16 23:32:54 BST 2006

Martin Smith wrote:

> With xp and 2k, when you set up the mapped network drive, which IMO is 
> the best way to do it, you get the option "log in as a different user" 
> or similar, the only problem with that is that windows wont remember the 
> password for the "different user".
> I always use SWAT for setting up, you have to set up users and their 
> passwords and then enable them, that's the last button on the right.
> I also use force user and force group, with a + before the group name, 
> the share being owned by the user and group you are forcing, this gives 
> everyone equal rights, assuming that is what you want.
> If that doesnt work, get back to us.

Can't you just add samba users to smbpasswd and be done with?

Like, use your winxp username as a samba login, with all the shares 
you'd hope for?

It is usually far more simple and secure (or safe, whatever) to alter 
the fbsd confs than it is to mess around with your windows setup to get 
this sort of thing working.

Then map the samba share you want to a windows network mapped drive 
share thingy.


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