Samba woes

Martin Smith martin at
Fri Jun 16 23:28:28 BST 2006

Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:
> Sigh.  I always figure things out after desperately posting.  The bizarre
> problem seems to be that WindowsXP sends the WINDOWS login name as the
> "username" when attempting to access the share, even though a login box
> pops up and asks for a username.  In my test case, of course, the WINDOWS
> login name and the UNIX login name were different.  Though I repeatedly
> typed in the UNIX login name in the pop up box, it sent the WINDOWS login
> name instead (according to the auth failures in the log).  Can anyone shed
> light on this?
> I was totally wrong on the log stuff also.  I was only looking in log.smbd
> and log.nmbd, which really don't have any auth stuff in them.  But I found
> log.<machine name> which at level 3 has all kinds of useful auth debugging
> info.
> Thanks!
And a couple of other things
In globals use encrypted passwords must be set to yes
If the windows user and the unix user names are the same windows will 
remember the password. The unix users still have to be set up in samba 
as it doesnt read the system passwd file.
Most of the problems you get are in offices where all the machines are 
set up with "default user" or  "Dell preferred user" and stupid things 
like that, trying to get these machines sorted out to use sensible 
logins can be a bit tedious, especially as a lot of m$ users in offices 
are very resistant to any kind of change, and seem to be unable to 
remember the simplest of passwords, but that is another ball game 
Good luck

Martin Smith

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