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Fri Jun 16 23:11:51 BST 2006

Just thinking about it there, I set up a 5.4 server running Samba and =
use win2k / win XP home and Win XP SP 1 & SP 2 with no issues, all I can
think of is how are you doing the auth on the samba server itself ? i.e.
legacy smbpasswd ?

I remember setting up each username as the username the client logs in =
for a reason I have forgotten.=20

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Sigh.  I always figure things out after desperately posting.  The =
problem seems to be that WindowsXP sends the WINDOWS login name as the
"username" when attempting to access the share, even though a login box
pops up and asks for a username.  In my test case, of course, the =
login name and the UNIX login name were different.  Though I repeatedly
typed in the UNIX login name in the pop up box, it sent the WINDOWS =
name instead (according to the auth failures in the log).  Can anyone =
light on this?

I was totally wrong on the log stuff also.  I was only looking in =
and log.nmbd, which really don't have any auth stuff in them.  But I =
log.<machine name> which at level 3 has all kinds of useful auth =



On Fri, 16 Jun 2006, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:

> I really do my best to stay away from all things MS, but have recently
> been given the task of creating a samba based file server for a small
> office environment.  I was pleasantly surprised to find "swat" (it has
> been a long time since I did samba!).  I was unpleasantly surprised to
> find how !@*^$# difficult it seems to be to get authentication =
> For the record I am on 6.1-RC1 using Samba 2.2.12.  Note that after
> updating the ports tree, I could not build samba3... I get some =
> about 'sperl should not be run directly'.  Trying to install from =
> failed too - something about the tiff dependancy.  2.2.12 built ok, =
> removing the FORBIDDEN line from the Makefile.  Sigh.
> My biggest issue is having no idea where to look for log info to debug =
> I cannot seem to connect.  I have the log level set to '3', but I see =
> info in the various log files I find in /var/log that has anything to =
> with the authentication failures.
> I cannot get even the simplest setup to function!  All I really want =
is a
> world read/writable share that all office PC's have access to, then =
> PC has access to a "home" share based on the user logging in.  =
> to the SWAT wizard, this is basically the default.  I have all the =
> users in the UNIX password file, the security level set to "user", and
> encrypted passwords set to yes.  According to the smb.conf man page =
> should be enough.  I try to connect from any PC using the URL \\fs\tmp
> (for the world read/write share), which pops up a login box, but =
> to accept any valid UNIX user/pass pair.  And leaves no log messages
> regarding the authentication, even at level 3 (though I do see =
> about the server being connected to, then a normal disconnect).  I =
> tried to add one of the UNIX user/pass pairs to the smbpasswd file, =
> I thought was only needed if you were creating a PDC, which I am *not*
> trying to do.  But that didn't work either.
> I guess I am looking for any simple things to look for, or a pointer =
> better logging of what is going wrong?
> Thanks!
> j
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