Samba woes

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Fri Jun 16 21:35:30 BST 2006

Sigh.  I always figure things out after desperately posting.  The bizarre
problem seems to be that WindowsXP sends the WINDOWS login name as the
"username" when attempting to access the share, even though a login box
pops up and asks for a username.  In my test case, of course, the WINDOWS
login name and the UNIX login name were different.  Though I repeatedly
typed in the UNIX login name in the pop up box, it sent the WINDOWS login
name instead (according to the auth failures in the log).  Can anyone shed
light on this?

I was totally wrong on the log stuff also.  I was only looking in log.smbd
and log.nmbd, which really don't have any auth stuff in them.  But I found
log.<machine name> which at level 3 has all kinds of useful auth debugging



On Fri, 16 Jun 2006, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:

> I really do my best to stay away from all things MS, but have recently
> been given the task of creating a samba based file server for a small
> office environment.  I was pleasantly surprised to find "swat" (it has
> been a long time since I did samba!).  I was unpleasantly surprised to
> find how !@*^$# difficult it seems to be to get authentication working.
> For the record I am on 6.1-RC1 using Samba 2.2.12.  Note that after
> updating the ports tree, I could not build samba3... I get some message
> about 'sperl should not be run directly'.  Trying to install from packages
> failed too - something about the tiff dependancy.  2.2.12 built ok, after
> removing the FORBIDDEN line from the Makefile.  Sigh.
> My biggest issue is having no idea where to look for log info to debug why
> I cannot seem to connect.  I have the log level set to '3', but I see no
> info in the various log files I find in /var/log that has anything to do
> with the authentication failures.
> I cannot get even the simplest setup to function!  All I really want is a
> world read/writable share that all office PC's have access to, then each
> PC has access to a "home" share based on the user logging in.  According
> to the SWAT wizard, this is basically the default.  I have all the UNIX
> users in the UNIX password file, the security level set to "user", and
> encrypted passwords set to yes.  According to the smb.conf man page this
> should be enough.  I try to connect from any PC using the URL \\fs\tmp
> (for the world read/write share), which pops up a login box, but refuses
> to accept any valid UNIX user/pass pair.  And leaves no log messages
> regarding the authentication, even at level 3 (though I do see messages
> about the server being connected to, then a normal disconnect).  I even
> tried to add one of the UNIX user/pass pairs to the smbpasswd file, which
> I thought was only needed if you were creating a PDC, which I am *not*
> trying to do.  But that didn't work either.
> I guess I am looking for any simple things to look for, or a pointer to
> better logging of what is going wrong?
> Thanks!
> j
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