Can't get SWAT to run in inetd

Stephen Allen freebsduk at
Sat Jun 10 01:54:17 BST 2006

I'm struggling to get access to SWAT using inetd.  I'm trying to connect 
from another IP on the same subnet. inetd is started, but when I try to 
connect to the connection just times out.  I even 
made /usr/local/etc/smb.conf world-writeable but still no joy.

--> /etc/services contains:
swat            901/tcp    # samba web configuration tool

--> /etc/inetd.conf contains:
swat    stream  tcp     nowait/400      root    /usr/local/sbin/swat    swat

--> /etc/rc.conf contains:

Is there anything I'm missing?

Steve :)

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