I need a broadband recommendation

John Murphy sub02 at freeode.co.uk
Tue Jul 25 17:39:39 BST 2006

Well I recommend the UK Free Software Network http://www.ukfsn.org/

They do reasonably priced max adsl products, all of which are up to
8Mb/s and they "promise that all of the money raised by this operation
will be used to fund Free Software in the UK".  I'm a 'light' user,
so their basic pay-as-you-go option suits me just fine (£14.98/month,
includes 1GB, extra Gigs at £1 each).

They are an Entanet reseller.  Enta were the very first ISP I used
circa ten years ago.  They use FreeBSD and have done for the whole
ten years (AFAIK).  All of the max adsl products give you 1 static
IP, but if you need more their minimum size is 8 IPs at a cost of
£60 + VAT (which is a bit pricey I think).


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