I need a broadband recommendation

Dominic Marks dom at goodforbusiness.co.uk
Tue Jul 25 16:38:21 BST 2006

hammond.mason at uk.abnamro.com wrote:
> My home broadband supplier/ISP is OneTel and I am becomming unhappy with
> their performance.
Zen are quite frankly brilliant. If you have the money use them. I've 
used them
for years and never felt that was I paying the extra and not receiving 
it back.
If you plan on running a little home-based mail or web server Zen is a good
choice. I let them manage my domains for me and it only takes a single 
to get forward and reverse setup for your connection. A consumer ISP for 

At one home I switched from Zen to Be since I was in range of the Exchange.
It is very quick, if you use their shitty modem. I measured about 
2.5MB/s from
fast UK sites with it. Unfortunately without the Be supplied modem I can 
connect at 8Mbit with my preferred DrayTek Vigor. Still, 800kB/s is 
nothing to
complain about.

Avoid Orange's Free Broadband offer, and probably others as well. I thought
I'd save myself some money by signing up with them for my new place. What
a mistake. They say you wait 28 days for connection and equipment to arrive,
fair enough I suppose for a new, free service ...


I waited for 27 days then called them. Turned out that there was a 
problem with
my order. Of course nobody at Orange thought to contact me (it isn't 
like they can
say they didn't have my number :))

When I told them I was no longer interested I was told that despite the 
fact I was
not going to receive the service, and never did, that the 12 month 
contract extension
I agreed to (the catch on the offer) would still count. I laughed at the 
guy on the phone.
Hell of a cheek to try force you into a contract extension for a sign up 
they botched.

I've also heard they won't give you the MAC code for your connection so 
once you
are connected it is impossible to switch to anyone else, I don't know if 
that is true

I guess you do get what you pay for!

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