I need a broadband recommendation

Geraint Edwards gedge-lists at yadn.org
Tue Jul 25 16:15:22 BST 2006

Ceri Davies <ceri at submonkey.net> said
		(on Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 04:09:52PM +0100):
> > >> Watch out, I'm donning my pendant...
> > >
> > > s/n//g ?

It was an in-joke - I am a pedant, but in one of my cliques
(read: irc channels) it is obligatory to say pendant, for reasons
which should be obvious.  Or is it just me.

> Just waiting for someone to point out that I nuked one 'n' too many ;)

We're far too polite.  Or hot.  Or both.

> > We're not allowed to make pasties out of vegans here. It's a shame really.
> > So we use Cornish people or something.
> I expect they're a little less testy, to be sure.

Do they taste of corn?  I love corn.

Geraint A. Edwards (aka "Gedge")
gedge at yadn.org

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