I need a broadband recommendation

Christopher Dawkins cchd at felsted.essex.sch.uk
Tue Jul 25 15:06:16 BST 2006

I have been very happy with zenadsl for two reasons.

First, they do not assume you have a Windows machine.

Second, they provide up to 8 fixed IP addresses at no extra charge.

My connection is supposed to be at "up to 8M". The router claims it is
doing 6M, but I rarely get more than 2. However, I have not tested
it properly - it doesn't worry me (yet).

You can have an uncapped line at 1M or 2M, but the basic cap is 20GB on my
"up to 8M" subscription. I currently use around 3GB a month, so that's not
a problem (yet).

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