I need a broadband recommendation

Spadge Fromley spadge at fromley.net
Tue Jul 25 14:54:34 BST 2006

> Thanks Spadge, you've pointed out the error in my ways.
> What a numb-nuts!  I'm so embarrassed.
> I guess the c.45mins it's taking me to download an iso is to be expected.
> And to think that I thought the OneTel service blows!
> I feel like that local county US politician complaining about CentOS
> appearing on his web site.
> Can anyone tell me the highest bandwidth package available in the UK?

Well, for the home user, I'd guess it would be ADSL2, which is "up to"
24mbits, although realistically, you will rarely see much more than a
megabyte per second. You will find yourself hitting the uploaders speed
limit though, which is nice.

Start looking at www.bethere.co.uk and then work your way through the
regular ukonline/bulldog/etc providers.

I switched away from NTL after being with them for over 4 years. They just
cost too much for the service they provide, and I've watched them slowly
erode that service chunk by chunk since signing up with them late 2001.


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