I need a broadband recommendation

Spadge Fromley spadge at fromley.net
Tue Jul 25 14:21:28 BST 2006

> My home broadband supplier/ISP is OneTel and I am becomming unhappy with
> their performance.
> I have a '2MB' package that - per the small print - is 'up to' 2MB/s.  In
> the past month I have not been able to download ISOs at more than 230KB/s.
> I feel I'm getting ripped off.
> Can anyone recommend an alternative ISP for broadband that guarantees a
> minimum 2MB/s download bandwidth?
> P.S.  I managed to install PC-BSD on my system over the weekend and am
> really impressed with it so far (it's my first contact with FreeBSD,
> coming
> from a XP-to-Linux-to-FreeBSD background)

Hmm, how much is 2mbits in KBytes? About 256?

So 230 not looking so bad after all?

Or did you really mean to say that you're getting something like 30KBytes
per second download?

Anyway, be that as it may, I recently signed up to BulldogADSL, and whilst
I love the connection and price, I hate the USB modem they made me take
and the shoddy fbsd support it suffers from.

Hve you looked at whether you can get ADSL2 where you are, and how cheap
it is?


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