/etc/profile or /usr/local/etc/profile

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Sat Jul 15 10:49:02 BST 2006

> I'm setting up some system-wise bash options, and bash seems to want to 
> look in /etc/profile for it's system settings.  It doesn't like 

You really don't like /usr/local/etc do you ? :-)

Bash is intended as a drop-in replacement for /bin/sh remember. So it's
not looking for it's *own* system settings, it's looking foor /bin/sh's
system settings! As /bin/sh is part of the base system then it's config
goes in /etc not in /usr/local/etc (as described previously).

> /usr/local/etc/profile, so what do people do - just remember it's in the 
> other place, or hard link it, so when backing up /usr/local/etc, it gets 
> included?

If I were you I would backup both /etc and /usr/local/etc - you woudn't
really want to lose either of them in the event of a crash after all.


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