Help with man command

Stephen Allen freebsduk at
Sat Jul 15 10:37:48 BST 2006

Kevin O Connor wrote:
> Steve
> try setting 
> setenv  PAGER less

Thanks Kevin (and Aled for his next post).  It appears that simply
setting the variable in bash wasn't sufficient.  I had, in etc/profile,


Which makes 'echo $PAGER' give the right result, but less didn't like
it.  I noticed if I changed the variable from the command line, using
'export $PAGER=...' it works!  So, does that mean that when I set
variables in /etc/profile I should be using 'export PAGER=...' rather
than just 'PAGER=...'?

> as from your initial post it looks like you've given it the full path. I'd
> only just woken up and missed that.

Good morning!

It made/makes no difference.  I'm glad I could clarify that one for you!

> I assume 
> man -P less man
> will format with less on your system?


Steve :)

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