How long between major upgrades?

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Jul 6 14:16:41 BST 2006

On 5 Jul 2006, at 23:21, Stephen Allen wrote:

> So, I'm learning and testing with FreeBSD 6.1.  What happens when  
> FreeBSD goes to 6.2, and then to 7?  What would the upgrade process  
> be like?

Historically: minor versions are fine, major versions (4.x -> 5.x,  
etc.) are best described as potentially painful, but possible. Take  

In theory, you can just cvsup up, read UPDATING and rebuild, run  
through things as per the handbook.

The move between 3 and 4 was painful, as was the move between 4 and  
5. I've yet to bite off moving to 6 on any production servers as 5 is  
good enough for me right now.

Never had a major problem with a minor version number upgrade though,  
as long as you do things by the book.

That said, it's a great deal better than FC which seems to go to  
great lengths to make things arbitrarily more complex than they need  
to be. I'm having to write code here that will work with MySQL 3.x  
because getting a more recent build onto some FC servers is a real pig.

You can of course try it yourself if you want. Go get a copy of an  
older version of FreeBSD, set it up the way you want it, and try  
upgrading to a more recent version, and see how hard you find it.  
Good learning process, and gets you familiar with how everything  
plugs together when you're re-building stuff.



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