How long between major upgrades?

RW list-freebsd-2004 at
Thu Jul 6 14:04:47 BST 2006

On Wednesday 05 July 2006 23:21, Stephen Allen wrote:
> So, I'm learning and testing with FreeBSD 6.1.  What happens when
> FreeBSD goes to 6.2, and then to 7?  What would the upgrade process be
> like?

You can get a new install disk and use that, or you can  follow the process in 
the handbook to upgrade kernel+world. It's covered in chapter 21, and it's 
worth looking at chapter 8 too. Chapter 21 is unfortunately misnamed as "The 
Cutting Edge"  because it covers  the process of tracking the STABLE and 
CURRENT development lines, but rebuilding the base system is the same for 
whatever branch. It's worth learning this, as tracking a branch like 
RELENG_6_1 is a simple way of picking-up security patches. You can generally 
skip the  mergemaster stages for point releases, and script the whole 
upgrade. I alway follow the full process when upgrading between  branches 
Packages can mostly be treated as independent of the base system, so it's up 
to you whether you upgrade them or not, it's recommended that you do so after 
a major release though. Major releases vary, 5->6 was a fairly trivial 
upgrade, but 4->5 was a major change (it represented about 5 years of 
development), and a lot of people took the opportunity to reinstall from 

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