How long between major upgrades?

Ceri Davies ceri at
Wed Jul 5 23:27:49 BST 2006

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On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 11:21:25PM +0100, Stephen Allen wrote:
> Way back yonder when I started to learn Linux, for no particular reason=
> I chose Fedora Core 3.  Consequently I used FC3 to set up a server for a=
> friend's small business, and I used them and FC3 to ply my trade.
> Unfortunately, when FC goes to the next version you can't simply point=20
> the updating tool at the new repositories - you have to point it at the=
> legacy repositories.  However, these are rarely updated and I have a=20
> system woefully out of date.  I can do a system upgrade to FC5 but=20
> that's always a dodgy move in case it breaks something.
> So, I'm learning and testing with FreeBSD 6.1.  What happens when=20
> FreeBSD goes to 6.2, and then to 7?  What would the upgrade process be li=

You can pretty much always get away with:

cvs up -rRELENG_6_2
make buildworld && make kernel && mergemaster -p && \
	make installworld && mergemaster

That must be wonderful!  I don't understand it at all.
                                                  -- Moliere

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