FreeBSD loses time when used in VMware

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Wed Jul 5 23:20:17 BST 2006

Xntpd ? Not really a cure. And it will work.

Regards Richard

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Stephen Allen wrote:
> I run my FreeBSD installation in a VMware session, which I pause each
> time I shut my computer down.  This means I have to reset the date/time
> when I start it again.  However, the time seems to be running slow... it
> takes about 1.5 seconds for a second to pass in FreeBSD.
> I run a Gentoo installation too, which a) doesn't suffer this problem,
> and b) seems to set itself the right time when I resume it from being
> paused?!
> Any ideas why FreeBSD time is running slow?
> Many thanks,
> Steve :)
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In a bid to bring the conversation back on track, I have a VMWare image 
running and suspended it.
Will update you whether the time slows down in the virtual machine and 
whether it is a FreeBSD thing or not.

What is your securelevel set at? Some levels can prohibit the update of 
time by anything more than a second or so.

PS: English is not my first language either.. ;-)

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