Samba and Domain Groups

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Right .. here it comes.

MS will be forcing it's users to vista (imho) check Slashdot and WG, as of 

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Stephen Allen wrote:
> I've just read a shocking statement in The Official Samba-3 HOWTO, 
> that says it doesn't support nested groups.  I've read a lot of things 
> that Samba can't do, which now make me question if it is the right 
> solution for me.
> I run a 10-workstation (all 2000/XP) network, currently with Samba as 
> a standalone server.  There are obvious restrictions to this which is 
> why I was looking at making Samba a PDC, but I can't really think of a 
> reason why now.  The obvious benefit is centrally managed users/groups.
> Does anyone have any thoughts/experience why Samba is a better choice 
> than a Windows-based server (apart from it's free)?
I cant comment on the PDC aspect of samba as I have never had need to 
use it but it is worth remembering that all windows machines are liable 
to be put out of action by the odd passing worm or virus, I have seen a 
couple in the last 3 years, it is a complete PITA, another good reason 
for sticking with samba, just my 2p.....

Martin Smith

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