Help with user add scripts for FreeBSD/Samba

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Sun Jul 2 21:57:57 BST 2006

If it was me, ;) I would just use the pdbedit command under a putty session.

Not much use to you if your using the window binaries though ...

Regards Richard

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Subject: Help with user add scripts for FreeBSD/Samba

I've got Samba set up as a domain controller successfully, and am now 
wanting to user usrmgr.exe and svrmgr.exe to make basic user admin 
changes from a Windows workstation.

Some stuff works, and some stuff doesn't, and I was looking for some 
help with the script sections listed here...

What works:

add user script = pw user add -n %u -g users -c "Windows User" -s 
delete user script = pw user del -n %u -r
add group script = pw group add -n %g
add machine script = pw user add -n %u -g winstations -c Windows_Machine 
-s /usr/sbin/nologin

What doesn't work:

delete group script = pw group del -n %g
add user to group script = pw group mod -n %g -M %u
set primary group script = pw user mod -n %u -g %g

What I can't figure out:

rename user script =
delete user from group script =

Does anyone have examples that work that could pinch please?

Many thanks,
Steve :)

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