General Samba usage

Jamie White at
Sat Jul 1 21:53:13 BST 2006

If you set login home and path it will set where Windows gets the
profile from, but it still sync. To stop syncing all together you will
need to with a login script change the registry string
ProfileImagePath in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\key-for-user\] to the the server

However its probably better to change the the registry values for
invidual parts of the profile, I am currently trying to find these
values atm.

On 7/1/06, Stephen Allen <freebsduk at> wrote:
> Jamie White wrote:
> > btw, I forgot to mentino you change this by setting the profile to the
> > location of the server copy at logon. There also a few other Windows
> > registry keys you change to effect the syncing behaviour. If you want
> > to know more, just ask.
> Well... if you're offering...
> In smb.conf, I thought I only had to set values for 'logon home' and
> 'logon path' to effect roaming profiles.  Will that take care of the
> Windows workstations too, or do I have to do other stuff?
> Thanks,
> Steve :)


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