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Fri Jan 20 08:56:46 GMT 2006

Derrin Morton <derrin at> said
		(on Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 08:56:17AM +0100):
> Newbie here

Welcome to BSD. ;)

> Used the instructions to install the OS and followed the sysinstall 
> program - created the following inetd entries
> ftp    stream    tcp46    nowait    root    /usr/libexec/ftpd    ftpd -l
> login    stream    tcp46    nowait    root    /usr/libexec/rlogind   rlogind
> ntalk    dgram    udp    wait    root    /usr/libexec/ntalkd    ntalkd
> shell    stream    tcp46    nowait    root    /usr/libexec/rshd    rshd
> ssh    stream    tcp46    nowait    root    /usr/sbin/sshd        sshd -i -6
> telnet    stream    tcp46    nowait    root    /usr/libexec/telnetd   telnetd

Did you edit these?  If so, why?  What are you trying to acheive?

> But the following mesage pops up on the console every 20 minutes or so
> inetd config : message [476] ssh/tcp: bind: Address already in use

This suggests that sshd is running as a daemon.  If that daemon
has port 22 open, when inetd tries to grab the port, it will fail.

You know you can't do both (use daemons and inetd) for the same
service (port), right?

I've not used FreeBSD 6 yet, but if it's anything like previous
versions ;-) then a look in
will tell you if sshd_enable is set positively - which means sshd
is running as a daemon, and should be disabled in inetd (comment
out the 'ssh' line for inetd and kill -HUP inetd).

> where do I find message details (i.e. 476 )

Sorry, can't answer that.  I suspect 476 is either the PID of
inetd or the offending line in the config file.

Geraint A. Edwards (aka "Gedge")

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