CVS+SSH + samba/winbind authenication to windows

David Richards davidr at
Thu Jan 19 11:12:43 GMT 2006

good day all,
                         As the subject says, We are using samba 3  
which is configured to talk to AD (windows 2000 servers). I can use  
wbinfo -u/t/r/g fine. I can also see the shares fine.
Now the reason I set this up was to allow the programmers to use cvs  
and their nt logon passwords. I have done this via cvs + ssh which  
works fine. we are trying to move to a SSO (single sign on) system.

Now every now and then it all stops authenticating users. I am unable  
to see the domain/users/groups and the cvs users are unable to login  
and do their stuff.
Now when this happens I normally check the server to see if samba is  
still running, check the logs and other stuff too. When it isnt, I  
normally restart the samba services and away they go.
  But the few other times I have done this, I have had to remove the  
computer account from AD, wait a while and re add it. Some times just  
resetting the computer account works.

Now this is becoming a real problem. I am really unsure where the  
actually problem is and I believe it to be the windows side of it.  
Since sometimes when the users cant login via cvs. I can still see  
the domain and user accounts from the samba server. Aslo sometimes it  
just stops, I dont do anything and its working again.

Today i thought it might be ssh. But since that is the main method  
for me to connect to the server, I really dont want to mess with  
that. I have actually changed a few things with ssh and I am still  
getting the problem.

Does any one have any ideas or  other views on this which could help  
me solve this issue.

David Richards

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