Hi. Can anyone help with this installation problem?

Edmund Craske edmund at m00is.net
Wed Jan 18 12:47:28 GMT 2006


I get the feeling this may be a problem with you using a RAID controller
or something (could still be on the motherboard) that FreeBSD doesn't
support, so I'd check whether or not that is the case, and that you
don't have another set of IDE connectors to plug into on the motherboard.

Also, FreeBSD will likely give you lots of useful information when it
loads the kernel from your install media. Whilst this isn't easily
copied/pasted somewhere at this stage, you should be able to view it
easily by pressing the scroll lock, and using page up/page down to
scroll back up and look at the kernel boot messages.

If your IDE controller isn't supported, expect messages like pciX: blah
blah (no driver attached) blah. Of course, similar messages are going to
come up for any other unsupported hardware, or hardware that needs
kernel modules loading for drivers. Else, you might see an error about
your hard drive, telling you why FreeBSD won't let you do anything with it.

I hope this helps!
Edmund Craske

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