Hi. Can anyone help with this installation problem?

Phil Cartledge phil at pcart.plus.com
Tue Jan 17 23:27:04 GMT 2006

Hi Everyone,

As I'm new to this user group I thought I'd better introduce myself first.
My name is Phil Cartledge I joined this user group as soon as I found it last 
week but have only just had chance to say hello.  I am a FreeBSD newbie , I 
stumbled across FreeBSD 5.4 about 8 months ago after becoming increasingly 
frustrated with Windows XP, I am now running FreeBSD Release 6 on a couple of 
old computers I us for testing purposes.  I was looking for a stable OS I 
could customise to meet my needs both as a workstation and server.  After 
dabbling with various Linux distributions and not finding anything that met 
my requirements I came across the FreeBSD website and thought I would give it 
a try.  Although the system looked a little daunting at first I have become 
increasingly impressed the OS and the documentation is very good compared to 
many opensource projects.  I was able to customise the kernel within a few 
days of having a functioning system, something I would not even attempt with 
the Linux distributions.
Here is the problem I hope somebody will be able to help me resolve as I have 
not been able to find a solution while trawling the web.
I purchased a new computer a few days ago which I intended setup with FreeBSD 
6 with a view to abandoning Windows completely.  I have experience so few 
problems with FreeBSD that I think I may have overlooked a hardware 
compatibility issue; I hope not but can not be certain.  I am confident that 
the hardware is functioning correctly as I have successfully install SUSE 9.3 
and Debian 3.2 to the hard disk and tried various "live" distributions all 
where able to detect the hardware.  Unfortunately when running FreeBSD 6 
installation CD (Release ISO images off the website)it fails to detect the 
hard drive during the installation process.  The system specs are below sorry 
I couldn't provide the dmesg as I do not know how to do this during the 
installation process.
40Gb Western Digital WD400BB hard drive (jumper set to master)
Celeron D310 CPU
I don't know who the manufacturer of the motherboard is but it consists of the 
following, VIA P4M266A Northbridge, VIA VT8235 southbridge, S3 ProSavage 8 
graphics sharing 8Mb of system RAM.  AMIBIOS version 1.21.12 Release date 
12/10/2004, onboard sound and 10/100 ethernet port, 6 USB 2.0 ports, 3 PCI 
slots, 1 AGP slot, 1 x parallel, 1 x serial and 1 VGA port.
512Mb Kingston PC2100 memory
Pioneer DVR-110D (Secondary Master)
Lite-on DVD-R (Secondary Slave)
PS2 Keyboard and mouse
Please let me know if you need any other information and if I obtain it via 
FreeBSD how to do this as I am now completely stuck.  Any assistance would be 
greatly appreciated.

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