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On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 04:24:12PM +0000, Tim McCormick wrote:
> Hi Ceri,
> > Well, that's interesting.  I was just thinking of dropping you a line
> > yesterday, but then I thought that I should try PC-BSD first.  Since
> > you're here though, would you be able to tell me a little about your
> > installer?  I'm thinking specifically about how it differs from sysinst=
> > (other than looking pretty) and whether it allows for non-interactive
> > use, whether you're tried to address architectures other than i386, and
> > how you deal with upgrades (if you do).  I know that's a bit woolly, but
> > I didn't get around to trying it out yet.  That's your fault, of course=
> Well, please accept my sincere apologies for delaying you in your quest ;=
> Ok, about the installer. It's actually exceedingly simple and so doesn't =
> much, we're currently working on a new one with a lot more functionality.=
> does not offer non-interactive installations, although that is something=
> we're looking at. The installer itself will only allow for fresh=20
> installations, we currently handle upgrades through the 'online update'=
> facility, and our companion downloadable patches (for those without inter=
> access). The new installer will offer such upgrades.

Cool.  I'm very interested in how those bits work, but I'll wait until I
know what I'm talking about (could be a long time !) before worrying you
any more.

> Currently we only support the i386 architecture. Once we reach 1.0-RELEAS=
> we're going to look at releasing a 64-bit version. As we grow you can exp=
> more architectures to be offered.
> I'd advise against installing it right now, we're due to release RC2 in t=
> next couple of weeks so it's probably better to wait for that. It include=
s a=20
> fair number of fixes to both the installer and the system.

OK, thanks for the tip.  I look forward to trying it out.


That must be wonderful!  I don't understand it at all.
                                                  -- Alice

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