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Mon Jan 16 11:20:05 GMT 2006

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DR> hi
DR>       I am having some trouble with ssh. Well ssh and cvs. For some
DR> reason, ssh stop authenicating every now and then. When it does it
DR> reports in the logs "timeout before authenication  ".
DR> Now dns is working fine. I have to connect to a windows server for
DR> this. There is no firewall on this machine but there is one on the
DR> network. I am quite puzzled with this one.
DR> Should i put all the hosts of the machines connecting to ssh on this
DR> server in to /etc/hosts?

DR> The server is running running 5.4-stable  is there anything i can do
DR> to stop this
DR> --

haw long you wait for connection from host?
try connect using IP not name

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