Robert Watson rwatson at
Sun Jan 15 16:49:02 GMT 2006

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Tim McCormick wrote:

>> Any chance we'll see you at the UKUUG spring conference in March?
> Hrm.. not really looked into it to be honest with you, it'd be something I'd 
> be interested in. Do you have to be a UKUUG member to attend? Oh, and any 
> idea of associated costs?

Never been to one before -- I got an acceptance e-mail for a talk I'll give on 
OpenBSM/Audit this morning, and no one has told me I'll be paying lots of 
money yet.  On the other hand, I assume I'll need to get there and stay 
somewhere while there...

>> If Sam hasn't yet tricked you into giving a talk on PC-BSD, maybe you 
>> should drop him a line...
> I'd be quite open to giving a short talk on what PC-BSD is, what makes us 
> special and where we want to go with it. But I think the call to papers 
> ended in December.

Might be worth a ping to see.  Actually, unlucky you, I forwarded your e-mail 
to him already. :-)

Robert N M Watson

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