Robert Watson rwatson at
Sun Jan 15 15:48:46 GMT 2006

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Tim McCormick wrote:

> Just discovered this user group, so thought I'd join it. My name is Tim 
> McCormick and I'm 22. I've been around FreeBSD for a while and got rid of 
> the last part of my Windows environment about a year ago now.
> I currently attend Aston University (in Birmingham). In my spare time I 
> develop for PC-BSD, for those of you that don't know it's FreeBSD 6 (at the 
> moment) with a warm fuzzy layer of friendliness and ease of use on top.
> Anyway, hello again, I look forward to participating in this user group.

Hi ho!

I've also been very interested in PC-BSD, but as with Ceri, I've not yet had a 
chance to give it a try (just got back from a month trip in India a couple of 
days ago, which is a good excuse for something :-).  I'm very interested by 
the recent high levels of interest in wrapping FreeBSD in something friendly 
and useful -- FreeSBIE, PC-BSD, DesktopBSD, etc.  This is something that I'd 
hope to see happen for a long time, and I've been wondering whether it was 
just a lucky turn of events that it's been happening all at once, or if 
something in particular has facilitated this happening.  There's certainly a 
large niche for doing this.

Any chance we'll see you at the UKUUG spring conference in March?  If Sam 
hasn't yet tricked you into giving a talk on PC-BSD, maybe you should drop him 
a line...

Robert N M Watson

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