Tim McCormick tim at
Fri Jan 13 16:24:12 GMT 2006

Hi Ceri,

> Well, that's interesting.  I was just thinking of dropping you a line
> yesterday, but then I thought that I should try PC-BSD first.  Since
> you're here though, would you be able to tell me a little about your
> installer?  I'm thinking specifically about how it differs from sysinstall
> (other than looking pretty) and whether it allows for non-interactive
> use, whether you're tried to address architectures other than i386, and
> how you deal with upgrades (if you do).  I know that's a bit woolly, but
> I didn't get around to trying it out yet.  That's your fault, of course :)

Well, please accept my sincere apologies for delaying you in your quest ;-)

Ok, about the installer. It's actually exceedingly simple and so doesn't offer 
much, we're currently working on a new one with a lot more functionality. It 
does not offer non-interactive installations, although that is something 
we're looking at. The installer itself will only allow for fresh 
installations, we currently handle upgrades through the 'online update' 
facility, and our companion downloadable patches (for those without internet 
access). The new installer will offer such upgrades.

Currently we only support the i386 architecture. Once we reach 1.0-RELEASE 
we're going to look at releasing a 64-bit version. As we grow you can expect 
more architectures to be offered.

I'd advise against installing it right now, we're due to release RC2 in the 
next couple of weeks so it's probably better to wait for that. It includes a 
fair number of fixes to both the installer and the system.

> We're a miserable bunch to be honest, but you're welcome and it's great
> to have you.

Haha, I'll probably fit right in then!

> By the way, I will be arranging beer in Cardiff again this year, since
> all the other plans fell apart last summer (yes, I know one of them was
> mine).  How does everybody feel about July for that?

Mmmm... beer.



Tim McCormick
tim at

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