Ping Postmaster: UKUG mail horked?

Mark Ovens mark at
Mon Feb 27 16:32:08 GMT 2006

On Sun Feb 26 20:08 , Lee Brotherston <lee at> sent:

> Mark Ovens wrote:
>> A couple of my test e-mails have now bounced. The failure message
>> is below; looks like a file locking problem on my mailbox. Any
>> ideas anyone?
> 75 is the generic error code for a temporary error.  This means that
> the mail server is probably experiencing a problem such as a full
> disk, it cannot contact a backend database server which delivers
> dynamic config to the mailserver, no dns resolution, etc, etc.

So who can fix it? It's been like this for 2 weeks now. I assume that
no-one else uses their UKUG mail account, or is it just my mailbox?




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