Pnig Postmaster: UKUG mail horked?

Mark Ovens mark at
Fri Feb 24 14:23:58 GMT 2006

Has anyone else stopped receiving mail through their UKUG mail account?

I have mail forwarded from my account to my UKUG one but
haven't received anything since 14 Feb. Nor have I received anything
from this mailing list since 8 Feb - "Re: Trying to get sendmail to work
with/from php" by Tim McCormick.

I've sent test e-mails to this account and they haven't arrived.

[mark at dogma mark]$ ls -l /var/mail/mark
-rw-rw----  1 mark  mailnull  0 Feb 14 11:23 /var/mail/mark

Any idea what's broken?

Please Cc: me on any replies (honour the Reply-To:).




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