No-OS 64-bit PCs in Stoke

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Wed Feb 22 21:15:59 GMT 2006

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On Wed, 22 Feb 2006 19:32:44 -0000 "Frank Mitchell" 
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>UNIX Users near Staffordshire may be interested in "One Stop Computers" of
>173-175 London Road, Stoke-On-Trent ST4 5RW, who will happily sell you a PC
>without any Pre-Installed Operating System.
>See: Phone 01782-847208.
>Somebody with FreeBSD raised the question of Hardware Compatibility, maybe
>because the "One Stop Starter Range" uses the AMD Sempron 64-bit, and the
>Hardware Notes for the FreeBSD AMD64 Build don't mention the Sempron.
>"One Stop Computers" do offer Intel Alternatives, and you can choose these.
>You don't have to buy whichever they have in stock at the time. Also the
>Sempron will run 32-bit code quite happily. But clearly you might want a
>64-bit Machine at the price they offer.
>So I phoned "Mez the Network Specialist", who is their Consultant in this
>area. He assured me that he personally ran 64-bit Fedora and Debian on 
>AMD machines. He hasn't actually tried 64-bit FreeBSD, but he's sure that's
>the appropriate build if you buy a new machine with an AMD Sempron.

The 64 bit Sempron works fine with FreeBSD as I've been using it myself 
since 6.0 :)

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