Info about how to pass thruough proxy while net installing the kde port

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Tue Feb 21 10:31:57 GMT 2006


"The ports system uses fetch(1) to download the files, which honors various
environment variables, including FTP_PASSIVE_MODE, FTP_PROXY, and
FTP_PASSWORD. You may need to set one or more of these if you are behind a
firewall, or need to use an FTP/HTTP proxy. See fetch(3) for the complete


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 >Derrin Morton wrote:
 >> Hello Sunny
 >> No user id and password is required for FreeBSD port 
 >download.  If the 
 >> proxy server is not permitting access to the relevant 
 >pages, I suggest 
 >> you contact your network administrator to either by-pass the proxy 
 >> server or find a workaround
 >I presume he means that he has to authenticate to the proxy 
 >server (not 
 >to the FreeBSD site).
 >Sadly, I don't know how to do that either.
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