Competing with Dell, HP and others in the provison of FreeBSD systems

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Fri Feb 17 19:34:17 GMT 2006

I appreciated the feedback re provision of
preinstalled FreeBSD. I don't have time to answer all
the points - if anyone needs a system I will answer
them separately as we are pretty flexible in what we
do. I did want to answer the key question of how we
compete with Dell HP etc - and have extended the FAQ
to cover this point - it is reproduced below.

Why should I purchase a BSD PC from you rather than
XYZ - The worlds leading manufacturer of PC systems ?

This is a generic question - the answer to which
applies to all of the leading PC manufacturers competes head to head with the major
manufacturers. Bosworth offers significant benefits
over major suppliers, such as the worlds number one.
We are targeting supplanting the worlds number one
supplier in the provision of 'no OS' desktop machines
that are subsequently switched to FreeBSD.
Our main benefits are as follows
1. Guaranteed OS install - We verify that the hardware
provided supports FreeBSD by installing FreeBSD on all
hardware before handover to the customer. With majors
if the install fails it will be down to the customer
to get it working by installing graphics cards or
hacking the system. Worst case scenario you could end
up wasting a lot of time and not getting a result.
2. Supply of OS disks - Majors do not supply BSD disks
so you have to go to the trouble of getting hold of
them. Customers don't necessarily know the difference
between different versions of FreeBSD and may try an
install of FreeBSD from a book. This will be out of
date and will cause problems with ports. There will be
very little help for them at this point. Majors do not
even necessarily supply OS free products, especially
at the lower price points. There are then additional
charges for OS disks. If you take a Windows machine
from a major and then install BSD and then
subsequently try to reinstall Windows you could well
run into problems. Theunicorn provides FreeBSD OS
disks with the machine (FreeBSD6.0) and we are geared
up to support this variant of FreeBSD.
3. Configuration of X-Windows - We configure X
Windows, and we also supply the Bosworth window
manager making the system 'out of the box' ready as a
desktop, rather than getting a grainy desktop and out
of date TWM Window Manager. We then support that
window manager so if you run into problems with your
favoured window manager you can revert to ours for
support. Most majors do not understand what a window
manager is and will not entertain any post install
support of FreeBSD.
4. Software training included - Whilst we do not
explicitly support all software however we will offer
limited support of a set of BSD licensed software
specifically BAPP (BSD, Apache, Postgres, PHP and for
TCL/TK, Scite, Mlterm, W3M/Xterm, and for our own
Wiki/WP package which will be released shortly. No
major will be interested in this. Telephone support is
provided on the basis that it can be swapped for a
monthly support/training session on our site for the
three months of the support contract. Ongoing support
will be provided at our discretion where
support/training sessions are being run for other
customers. No other company offers anything similar.
5. Cloning of Bosworth permitted - Even if you buy a
machine from a major you will have to install your own
desktop. If they provided enhancements they would be
proprietory (eg Apple) With Bosworth you can clone our
window manager theme, and other software to be
released shortly and apply it to other FreeBSD
machines purchased elsewhere. You can even sell it on
as long as it is fully rebranded.
Bosworth is under constant development and new
features will be released on an ongoing basis. 

Ed Joyce

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> :-)
> Aled
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> (Note to self: start proof-reading work before
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