commence sales of Free BSD preinstalled PC system

John Murphy sub02 at
Thu Feb 16 22:56:38 GMT 2006

Gary Hendricks <bsdmail at> wrote:

>I just found it odd that it does not do a lot of things it ought to do.

So roll your own :)  I didn't like the black background of the web site
and couldn't see the menu until I 'zapped' the page.  Wasn't there a
battle of Bosworth?

>I am all for _promoting_ FreeBSD. Really. I am.

Why? It's like a secret, but one that no one seems to believe, even if
you tell them over and over.

>If some constructive suggestions from a group like ours is not welcome 
>then maybe we have missed the point of keeping FreeBSD alive and 
>making sure it looks good and performs well. First impressions count. 
>You do not get a second chance at a first impression.

Yeah, but there may be others who find that kind of presentation cool.
Not my cup of tea, but anything with FreeBSD in has got to be better
than something without.  Oh, and freebsd will NEVER die.


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