commence sales of Free BSD preinstalled PC system

Gary Hendricks bsdmail at
Thu Feb 16 20:14:45 GMT 2006

Derrin Morton wrote:
> Hi Gary - you make an interesting and valid point.  
> This is obviously a personal decision.  However, I would recommend you
> reconsider the Dell argument on several levels
> 1) Dell, *snip* making for nasty business when Microchip competitors are
> having to fight with PC manufacturers to get their chips in.

I totally agree here. I am all for stuff that 'just works'. I used to
own a business as well that built machines to spec. I know what a
mission it is to source stuff when you have reps spouting that their
product is the best and it wasn't.

> 2) I don't know if it is still the case, but the architecture of the Intel 
> processor is not that good compared to AMD.  AMD chips are cheaper to
> manufacture than Intel's because they have designed the chip differently,
> making it more expandable with each release.  Intel have to sell many more x86
> chips to compensate for their huge R&D bill 

Yeah most probably. I have not had an AMD cpu for years. I was always
impressed by them. Maybe it is time I experiment again.

> 3) It is refreshing that someone will actually ship an x86 processor unit with
> a UNIX installation for that money.  It really does not take much to install
> Windows so Dell are being mean for charging £120 when you compare the same
> (better!) service offered by theunicorn

The machines from Dell have no operating systems on them. Very valid
points indeed.

> 4) Due to point 2), AMD chips run a heck of a lot more efficiently and quickly
> than Intel. It is not simple to compare like for like, but at each stage of
> the chip development since the 80486, the AMD chip needs much less cycles to
> process more commands.

I guess the whole point of me mentioning this was to provoke a debate
whether it was better to have a machine spec'ed from scratch or buy an
  off the shelf one. (Branded vs Non Branded)

> I could go on - but I might start sounding like a sales rep for a microchip
> manufacturer (I'm not!).  It's your call, but Dell are not the company they
> once were.  They are too big, scrupulous and would only offer free 1 year
> support if they knew they would not get much use from it.

In the same vein, I am just looking at the same support options. I
think it is important for people to evaluate the options available and
make a decision. Loads of new technologies are available and some may
not work for certain configurations.
> I have not tried FreeBSD, but I have dealt with Dell on several different
> areas of their service portfolio and have never been impressed.
Sometimes Dell suck. Most times I have dealt with them it has been
rather straight forward. For the price of the machines nowadays they
almost fall in the 'consumables' category as theunicorn site, "We
supply a 90 day warranty on the hardware." possibly points out ;-)

I am playing devil's advocate here. I am not attacking or criticizing 
anyone, not even theunicorn which are most likely doing the things for 
all the right reasons.


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