commence sales of Free BSD preinstalled PC system

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Thu Feb 16 17:58:37 GMT 2006

Hi Gary - you make an interesting and valid point.  =

This is obviously a personal decision.  However, I would recommend you
reconsider the Dell argument on several levels

1) Dell, like so many giant companies, have oiled the giant WIntel wheel =
too long.  No matter how we look at it, the market is swallowed with Wint=
boxes and it is making for nasty business when Microchip competitors are
having to fight with PC manufacturers to get their chips in.
2) I don't know if it is still the case, but the architecture of the Inte=
l =

processor is not that good compared to AMD.  AMD chips are cheaper to
manufacture than Intel's because they have designed the chip differently,=

making it more expandable with each release.  Intel have to sell many mor=
e x86
chips to compensate for their huge R&D bill =

3) It is refreshing that someone will actually ship an x86 processor unit=
a UNIX installation for that money.  It really does not take much to inst=
Windows so Dell are being mean for charging =A3120 when you compare the s=
(better!) service offered by theunicorn
4) Due to point 2), AMD chips run a heck of a lot more efficiently and qu=
than Intel. It is not simple to compare like for like, but at each stage =
the chip development since the 80486, the AMD chip needs much less cycles=
process more commands.

I could go on - but I might start sounding like a sales rep for a microch=
manufacturer (I'm not!).  It's your call, but Dell are not the company th=
once were.  They are too big, scrupulous and would only offer free 1 year=

support if they knew they would not get much use from it.

I have not tried FreeBSD, but I have dealt with Dell on several different=

areas of their service portfolio and have never been impressed.

Best of luck with your decision, which ever you decide

Thanks =


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> ed joyce wrote:
> > in conjunction with their UK
> > distributor Samite have commenced the sale of
> > Bosworth-1 a preinstalled FreeBSD PC.
> > =

> *snip*
> > =

> > The website is at
> > =

> > Ed Joyce
> =

> =

> All very nice if you live in/near London.
> =

> "We will provide you with a non binding delivery time when an order is =

> placed" Hmm..
> =

> I appreciate the fact it will come preloaded with FreeBSD, but what =

> about some other deals.. like this one from Dell which comes as a box =

> and is very happy running *BSD. I have one of these and its brilliant.
> =

>  (Just the box systems from Dell)
> =

> -Gary
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