Kernel Event Help in Tracing. (NMI ISA 30, EISA ff)

Mark Ackroyd mark.ackroyd at
Wed Feb 8 16:27:39 GMT 2006


I have FreeBSD 6 installed on a server Dell PE750 that used for IVR, it has
Asterisk installed, Including the latest version of Zaptel for the Digium
card. When the driver actually starts doing any work, it kicks out loads and
loads of kernel syslog messages containing just "NMI ISA 30, EISA ff", there
is another guy on the Asterisk-BSD mailing list that has this problem, but
no-one is any the wiser on it.  I have been sat going through the source
code for the Zaptel driver all afternoon, and I don't think the message is
coming from there.  Anyone seen this before or point to the right place in
the Kernel where these messages could be generating from.

it only starts to do it, when the E1 line starts putting down traffic,
loading unloading and general init, it doesn't do it. 

Anyone got any thoughts on this?


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