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Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Sun Feb 5 13:42:58 GMT 2006

On 5 Feb 2006, at 12:46, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:

> Isn't that the one where I got drunk and claimed that you and I  
> invented
> the Internet to some cute girls in the bar?

See, I mentioned that but didn't name you to save your blushes. Now  
you've just blurted it out...

For what it's worth, I had no part in claiming invention of the  
Internet, but will admit to making myself even geekier than already  
thought by trying to explain the IETF RFC process which WAS  
responsible, and making it clear that Jeff was NOT Vint Cerf, Jon  
Postel or Steve Crocker. I then had to explain who they were. And  
then what packet switching was. I think she was after tips.  
Thankfully, my chat-up lines have improved since then. :-)

I think that was the last major BSD-pure conference held in the UK  
actually, no? Might be time for another. Hmmm. Maybe 2007.

Hasn't this list got jolly and lively recently? I blame the new girl.

Paul Robinson

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