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Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Sat Feb 4 19:04:28 GMT 2006

On 4 Feb 2006, at 18:46, Zoe Parsons wrote:

>> Heh, isn't it "The City of Brighton and Hove" these days?  ;-)
> Not over this end it isn't. ;-)

I've always been slightly surprised by how many BSD types seem to  
congregate around Brighton-ish way. Maybe it's because I'm a gruff  
Northerner who assumes the South is there for opulent indulgence of  
the uneducated middle classes, whilst all the cool kids hang up  
here. :-)

Of course, the first European BSD conf was in Brighton, notable in my  
mind for several reasons:

1. Paul Richards set it up, the same guy who a few months ago told  
this very list that BSD was dying and that he would have nothing to  
do with. A decision all the more remarkable as he used to be a member  
of core, and I think was responsible for the original setup of the UK  
FreeBSD mailing lists... I seem to remember me blaming him for  
contributing to the brain drain at that conf by filling the terminal  
room with OS X boxen, an accusation he refuted, which he has now  

2. I had a bit more hair back then according to the photos I just  
found. I was also a lot heftier. Go nutrition and exercise! Woo! Go  
Gillette Mach 3 blades and shaved heads being in fashion! Woo wooo!

3. My bar bill was in the hundreds because I bought everybody beer.  
Never again.

4. I've just remembered a famous conversation where a certain member  
of the FreeBSD community tried chatting up a barmaid by convincing  
her that we [the conference] were "the guys who invented the  
Internet...". Classic. Best thing is, she wasn't impressed!

So, who is still on this list that went to that conf?

Anyway, when I get back to doing some active work with FreeBSD I  
might consider making good on my 5-year long promise to try and  
organise a conference up here in Manchester.

> I have to admit I've just given up with NetBSD again for a few days  
> due to it being annoying at the install. However I've got the  
> machine to put Free on setup now so that's tomorrow sorted. :-)

Friday afternoons are for installing FreeBSD. Sundays are for  
designing and developing a new installer for NetBSD. Go on, you know  
you want to.

BTW, for those who haven't heard, booting *BSD on an intel Mac  
requires fiddling with EFI, which in turn is likely to brickify it.  
And you thought NetBSD on Mac kit was fiddly to get installed....

Paul Robinson

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