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Frank Shute frank at
Fri Feb 3 08:56:50 GMT 2006

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 02:19:48PM +0000, ed joyce wrote:
> To Phil/All
> I have installed FBSD/X Windows many times, but no
> luck on this occasion. The machine has been switched
> to Linux/Win4Lin so I can't play around with it any
> more.
> My plan is now to get another system which will be 
> Asus motherboard
> FBSD compatible graphics card
> FBSD 6.0
> Any comments from anyone on which graphics card should
> be used or any info as to why this might run into
> problems would be appreciated.
> Regards
> Ed

I just built a machine to the same spec.

I went for a Nvidia card: the Asus motherboard was all Nvidia chips
and I've heard of people having less problems with Nvidia (Linux)
drivers than ATI ones.

As it is, I use the Xorg driver and it works fine.

I got one of their low end PCI-Express cards (64MB); as I don't do a
lot of graphics intensive stuff on this workstation.

The onboard ethernet on my Asus A8N motherboard didn't work with
FreeBSD (unsupported chipset, IIRC), so I splashed out on a new NIC. Apart
from that I've had no hardware or hardware/software problems.

I haven't investigated the possibilities of this machine making sound
yet or whether the parallel port and USB works (dmesg looks hopeful
for those last 2 though).




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