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tomasz dereszynski tomaszd at
Thu Feb 2 07:57:23 GMT 2006


it isn't my first mail on this group but my first best wishes for all
of you.
i'm came from Poland and right now looking for a job as system or
network amininstrator.
i have 8 years experience of FreeBSD and Linux (RedHat) servers used by ISP=
 - with firewall.
i have strong knowledge of wired and wireless networking with troubleshooti=
ng (LAN - customizing and maintenance for
more when 300 users with printers and other devices).
i have very good knowledge of Apache (1 and 2), DNS, Qmail+Vpopmail,
Sendmail and other applications.

so, it's of topic but if some of you could give my little information
where or how ...

thx for your patient and sorry for my English.

bEsT rEgArDs,
tomasz dereszynski
skype tomder6310

Ko=B6ci=F3=B3 nie jest =B6wi=EAty sam z siebie, sk=B3ada si=EA bowiem z grz=
esznik=F3w. Jest on wiecznie u=B6wi=EAcany od nowa przez oczyszczaj=B1c=B1 =
mi=B3o=B6=E6 Chrystusa. Benedykt XVI

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