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Tue Dec 19 08:29:55 GMT 2006

Hi all

As much as I would like to us carp, vrrpd or pen I can't as the server
does not implement load balancing.  The backup server remains "off"
until it is needed.  However in the future we might have to implement
the server as a load balancing server - so thanks for the advice.

The gateway is where I want to implement the arp refresh rate.  Think
the best might just be to write a script or set this in the sysctl.conf
file as suggested :)


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Vrrpd and pen ?

Failover time is ms.

Here is an example

Regards Richard

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Hi All

I have a bit of a problem.  We have a 6.1 FreeBSD server with natting
and firewall rules for the servers behind it.  This FreeBSD server has
an identical fail over server.

The other night we tested the fail over server.  It worked find but
because the gateway before the fail over server had arp cache "the old
Mac-addresses" it took about 5 minutes before we could access the
servers behind the fail over server.

Is there anyway that you are able to set the arp cache refresh time?


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